Passed my arks test!!!



I am one of the ever growing girls racing in this country.
I have been racing in Bambino Club at Buckmore Park kent and i first started at the age of 3 when my dad got a gokart and he used to push me round his yard with a broom.
Then when my brother was racing i would get my dad to sit me in his kart and rev the engine.
My grandad has helped me to live my dream and I have had one podium finish.
Buckmore park has been a great starting ground and the training I have been given is very professional.
In the last round my lap times improved and I managed fastest lap.

Watch this space

We now have MK Sportscars and Britianna Cutting Services Helping us and I am looking forward to more testing over the next month ready for my first race later in the year.
I passed my ARKS Test in 2018 and have now started in Honda Cadet mainly testing my kart until Dad says I’m quick enough.

Most of 2019 was spent testing at Bayford Medows but after i crashed and ended upside down my confidence was dented.
2020 Well all i can say is Covid 19 and this ended up being just a couple of test days but we all were safe and that’s all that matters (and a lot of home schooling that I hated)

2021 Back on track and now at Lydd Kart Circuit
Feb 14 valentines day and we (dad and I) are at the track putting in some really good times 51sec the slowly getting the times down
over the next couple of months we are getting faster and faster
April / May we join the club and set our sites on the August race meeting

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