Passed my arks test!!!



I am one of the ever growing girls racing in this country.
I have been racing in Bambino Club at Buckmore Park kent and i first started at the age of 3 when my dad got a gokart and he used to push me round his yard with a broom.
Then when my brother was racing i would get my dad to sit me in his kart and rev the engine.
My grandad has helped me to live my dream and I have had one podium finish this season.
Buckmore park has been a great starting ground and the training i have been given is very professional.
In the last round my lap times improved and I managed fastest lap.

Watch this space

We now have MK Sportscars and Britianna Cutting Services Helping us and I am looking forward to more testing over the next month ready for my first race later in the year.
I have now passed my ARKS Test and as i am not up to speed yet i will be testing chasing down my laptimes ready for later this year roll on sub 60 second laps!.

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My goal this summer is to improve on my lap times so that i can be competitive and show the boys who’s boss.
My lap times have dropped and i am nearly under my 60 second goal.
Race pace at Bayford Meadows is 54 second laps and this summer we have worked hard to get my times down.

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